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Our sights are set high – CAL Automotive envisions a nation-wide presence, bringing community spirit and integrity to every corner of the automotive industry. We recognize our employees as the gears that keep us moving, valuing their contributions, aspirations, and well-being. From competitive pay and benefits to a supportive work environment, we're here to fuel not just cars but the dreams of our team. Join us on this journey of excellence and community.


Our Story

Rooted in a combined passion for automotive excellence and service integrity, CAL Automotive was born from the dreams of Alexander Osborn and Caine Herzog. With over 30 years of shared experience between them, our founders envisioned a repair facility where honesty isn't just a policy—it's the foundation of everything we do. Alexander's mastery, backed by ASE certification and advanced technical degrees, alongside Caine's self-taught expertise and operational savvy, have steered us through the intricate landscape of automotive repair. From humble beginnings, their synergy has powered CAL Automotive's journey from a start-up to a beacon of trust in the community.

Throughout our growth, we've remained steadfast to our core values: fair pricing and honest work. We've tackled industry stereotypes head-on by prioritizing transparent communication and customer education. Every vehicle that rolls into our shop is treated with meticulous care, with a thorough assessment that ensures no detail is overlooked. Our open-book approach to service has not only nurtured customer loyalty but also fostered a culture of respect and growth among our team. As we continue to drive forward, our commitment to revolutionize the automotive service experience remains unwavering, paving the way for a future where CAL Automotive is synonymous with reliability and excellence.

At CAL Automotive, our vision is to set a new standard in the automotive service industry, where transparency and trust are not mere words, but the very essence of our practice. We are steering towards a future where every driver in the nation can access honest, fair-priced, and expert automotive care. Our roadmap includes expanding our services nationwide, fostering a workplace that feels like family, and developing lasting relationships with our customers and their vehicles.

Our Vision







The Team

Caine Herzog

Co-Owner / Senior Technician

	Caine Herzog
Alexander Osborn

Co-Owner / ASE Certified Master Technician

Alexander Osborn
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